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The New York Paleontological Society was founded as a forum to inform and educate its members and the public at large concerning the nature, interrelationships and evolutionary development of all kinds of living things throughout geologic time - especially through the study of their fossils and allied geological information. The Society provides, among others, the following services.

  • A lecture series, opened to the general public as well as members, held on the third Sunday of every month from September to May, at which prominent paleontologists and other scientists and students of fossil science or geology address those present on specific topics, usually either concerning their field or lab research, theories, etc. The meetings are held at 2:00 P.M. at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  Meetings are open to the public free of charge (with museum admission).

  • The Society sponsors guided field trips in the fall and spring of each year, in the greater New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania areas, at which participants not only collect and learn to identify fossils, but also they learn about the associated geology and ancient ecology of the fossil animal and plant life. Field guides specific for each trip are provided.  The Society periodically offers longer trips to sites in the Eastern United States, and also offers many behind-the-scenes tours of collections and labs at museums and universities in the Northeast.  Field Trips are open to Society members only.

  • The Society publishes a monthly Newsletter from September through May, which contains announcements of the Society's events, summaries of past lectures and trips, as well as original articles. The Society also publishes Field Guides for most of its field trips. These guides, including some national award winners, are available to members free or at discounted prices. Finally, new members receive the Fossil Collecting Primer, a useful source on finding and collecting fossils as well as cataloging and curating a collection.

  • At our December meeting, participants are provided with the opportunity to have their fossils identified and dated by experienced paleontologists and collectors, as well as discuss issues in fossil science, geology, etc. with other members and experts - all in a social setting over food and refreshments.

  • The Society and its members provide a resource base for knowledge of fossils and paleontology useful to other members.

Society Status and Membership

The New York Paleontological Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1970, whose membership is open to the general public.

Although most of our functions are open to the public, advantages of membership include copies of our Newsletter, access to or discounts on field trips, and notification of all lectures and trips. There are modest yearly dues for membership.

For more information email the Society at info@nyps.org or write to us at:

Post Office Box 287,Planetarium Station, 127 West 83rd Street, New York, NY 10024

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