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Contents of Past Publications    Call For Submissions    Awards

The Society publishes a monthly Newsletter from September through May, which contains announcements of the Society's events, summaries of past lectures and trips, and original articles.

The Society also publishes a series of Field Guides describing the fossils, geology, stratigraphy, paleoecology, etc. found at specific fossil sites or general localities.

New members of the society will receive a copy of the Fossil Collecting Primer.  The Primer contains 50 pages of articles on the how-to's of fossil collecting- including finding sites, tools, how to extract fossils, as well as articles on nomenclature, curating and cataloging.

Contents of Past Publications

Newsletter         Spirifer         Primer

Call For Submissions

Policies and Procedures

We are requesting that members and nonmembers alike consider the submission of articles or artwork to the Society's award winning publication - our monthly NEWSLETTER. The topics can include anything in paleontology, including the history of paleontology, paleoecology, paleoclimates, evolution, relevant geology, fossils, fossil sites and trips, or works on specific fossil groups, etc. The contributions should be original, first submission, works or reviews of books or other articles. Artwork, graphs, tables, etc. should also be original, or come with legal releases for reproduction from the original publishers. Hardcopy manuscripts should preferably be typed, or, if unavoidable, neatly handwritten. The submissions should include a return address and phone number or E-mail at which the editor may contact you.

Word processor and computer technology also allows people to submit manuscripts by computer disk or E-mail. With E-mail or disks, we are capable of reading and translating many word processors including Wordperfect, Microsoft Word, Windows Write, ASCII, and many others, usually regardless of which version the author is using. We encourage submission by E-mail or word processor disk since this reduces the likelihood of errors in transcribing text from the written page. We accept either 3 inch floppy disks or CDs. Those wishing to submit by disk will have the disk returned after submission if they wish, with a copy both of the original submission and a copy of the final article as printed. You should also include a hard copy of the paper. Contact the editors below for more information on digital submissions.

Note, authors are responsible for the factual accuracy of their submissions, and that views expressed are not necessarily those of the editor or of the Society. For the NEWSLETTER, all text not otherwise specified is written by the editor.


Articles submitted to the NEWSLETTER should be a maximum of 4 - 5 pages (sides) long, although longer articles may be serialized if the author prefers. Please write the editor for more information concerning submissions. Send submissions for the NEWSLETTER to Donald Phillips, Editor at the address below or via E-Mail to newsletter@nyps.org.


You may also contact the Editor through the Post Office at:

The New York Paleontological Society
Post Office Box 287
Planetarium Station
127 West 83rd Street
New York, N.Y. 10024

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