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SPIRIFER Editor: Maria Vogt

Table of Contents for the Spirifer Volume 2, 1998

  • President's Message (D. Phillips)
  • Editor's Message (Maria Vogt)
  • Dinosaur Peculiarities - Donald Phillips
  • Sharks and their teeth, Part II - Bill Scott
  • The Development and evolution of Crinoid Forms Based on Information in the Fossil Record - Lindsay Morgan Schaeffer
  • Rare Occurrences of Deformed Upper Cretaceous Fossil Chondrichtyan Teeth From the Atlantic and Eastern Gulf Coastal Plains - Marty Becker & Phil Stoffer
  • G.P.S. (Global Positioning System) - Wolfgang Vogt
  • How to Identify Fossils - Erich Rose
  • All that Glitters is not Gold - George Corbin
  • A First Time Camper's Lament - George Corbin
  • Diamonds are Forever & other curiosities - Maria Vogt


Table of Contents for the Spirifer Volume 1, 1997

  • President's Message on the Premier Issue of the Spirifer
  • Editor's Message
  • "Spirifers" and other Brachiopods A Tribute to the Society's "Mascot" - Donald Phillips
  • Badlands Adventure or The "Big Pig Dig"; An "Out West" Escapade - George Corbin
  • SMALL is Not Necessarily Little; A how-to account of isolating Miocene insect fossils - Wolfgang Vogt
  • Predicting Global Warming; A Critical Evaluation - James O. Brown
  • Sharks And Their Teeth, Part 1;  Information on Identification - Bill Scott
  • Collecting Fossils Responsibly; The "Do's and Don'ts" of Specimen Acquisition - Erich Rose
  • Fossils: A Labor Of Love; One caring man's contribution to knowledge - George Powell
  • Collecting in the Last Great Place On Earth; A journey to a paradise of fossils and minerals -  Maria Vogt


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